4 Reasons to Choose a Digital Rain Gauge

Digital Rain Gauge

For centuries, mankind has used various types of instruments to measure rainfall. The simplest of these rain gauges were a simple cylinder with markings to measure rainfall over a period of time. These manual gauges are still used, and they provide a fairly accurate reading. But as all things tend to be changed and improved over time, so has the rain gauge. The first "automatic" rain gauges were tipping bucket gauges. As the bucket filled with a certain amount of water, it would tip like a seesaw, and mechanically record each time the bucket emptied. These are still frequently used! Fortunately, we have an even better automatic option today: Self-emptying digital rain gauges! Read on for ways a digital rain gauge can make your life easier.

Manual Rain Gauge

Manual Rain Gauge

  • Measures rainfall 
  • Manually empty rain gauge
  • Manually record rain history

Digital Rain Gauge

  • Measures and displays daily, weekly or monthly
  • Self-emptying rain cup
  • Rain history display
Digital Rain Gauge

Digital rain gauges collect rainfall measurements, but so very differently than manual gauges. There are many advantages to using digital gauges, including more accurate data, low maintenance, and real-time rainfall measurements.

1. Accuracy

You’ll find more precise measurements with a digital rain gauge. In addition, you won’t have to manually log data yourself. This makes less work for you, as well as fewer chances for error. When digital rain gauges log data over a period of time, it’s usually daily, weekly or even monthly. That’s a lot of historical data right at your fingertips!

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2. Convenience

Wireless rain gauges not only keep you inside out of the elements, but they save you a trip to the rain gauge altogether. These types of gauges have self-emptying rain collectors that transmit data wirelessly to a base unit inside. If you’d like to manually reset the gauge, that’s an option too. Most digital rain gauges transmit data from at least 100 feet, while some reach even further!

3. Timeliness

No need to wait for the rain to quit to know exact measurements. Now you can get up-to-date rain measurements from the comfort of your home in real time. You can even view the temperature outside during each rainfall, and see temperature trends. Rain gauge technology is constantly evolving and more features continue to be added to the latest models.

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4. Low Maintenance

With a digital rain gauge, the only maintenance required is occasionally checking the rain cup for clogging and changing the batteries once a year – that’s it! Most gauges require batteries in the base unit and the rain cup. Low battery indicators let you know when your base unit or rain cup are near a battery change, so you will know in advance.

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Digital rain gauges take the work out of your rain measurements. With more accurate data, better technology and less hassle, that equals little maintenance with a lot of benefits!

Relax and let the data come to you!